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Reduce Firestopping Inspection Headaches!
New Technology On Board

Feel confident in the success of your inspections. CDI knows Firestopping Systems, Acoustic Seals, and proper installation techniques.  CDI foremen have completed training through Hilti Minneapolis.


This includes new technology of Hilti’s TSS “Top Track Seal” system. This is available in both firestopping and acoustic products. Imagine the firestopping is completed at the same time as the framing. Consider the benefits to firestopping being completed from the first day of framing rather than having to go back and caulk in later. Destructive testing requirement is also eliminated by this system, when properly installed.

Building codes, regulations and testing continue to be more rigorous. Proper firestopping is important to the life safety and occupancy of any building.

When seeking a drywall and framing crew for your project, consider the benefit of a crew that is trained and certified on these systems. Let us know how we can assist with these systems on your next project. 

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