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Specialty Noise/Vibration
Isolation System Installed by CDI

CDI partnered with Central States Group, LSE Architects & Donlar Construction to install the noise & vibration isolation system for the music department at Henry Sibley High School. This special system, created by Kinetics, utilizes ceiling hangers to isolate gypsum board from structure. Using a resilient element to separate mass inside an airspace is the most effective way to raise STC and IIC ratings. 

For most of the project contractors, this was their first experience installing around an isolated ceiling and wall system. Collaboration with the design team, and involved trades, allowed for a thorough vetting of CDI’s shop drawings to coordinate all the room elements, including MEP and fire protection.

If you have a new or complex design element involving walls and ceilings, CDI’s professional team will bring a proactive attitude and creative thinking for the success of the project.

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